The Only 5 Pieces You Need for a Flawless Spring to Summer Transition

As we near the end of May, the weather could not be more indecisive here in New York. Either it’s rainy and chilly or warm and sunny – often both in one day!

Navigating the Spring-to-Summer weather transition can be a little tricky. You certainly don’t want to leave the house in the morning to come home too hot (or too cold) at the end of the day. Below are my five favorite pieces that can work in both types of weather. All of these pieces can be worn together, and I’ve also included some transitional styling suggestions. Let me know your favorite spring-to-summer pieces and styling ideas in the comments below!

1. White Jeans

Honestly, I wear white jeans all-year-round, but they prove season after season to be invaluable. They’re neutral, easy to wash, and refreshing in a sea of blue denim. Just today, I took an old pair I’ve been wearing all season and cut an inch off the hems and two slits in the knees, making them instantly summer-ready with a cool destroyed look.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.45.02 PM

In early spring, a light sweater or jacket (see #2 below!) is key.

A crisp all-white look is definitive of summer style. (And so what if it’s before Memorial Day? That rule originally referred to men wearing white suits, not stylish women!)

2. A Denim Jacket

A simple layer for chilly mornings, and can be worn well into the summer for nighttime. Just like your favorite jeans, it will go with everything too.

FullSizeRender (8)

This Madewell jacket is a slightly different take on the traditional silhouette. (P.S. It’s on sale!) Wear them with your white jeans, of course!

3. Striped Anything

I am French, so my stripe obsession comes as no surprise. But it’s hard not to love the orderly, classic pattern. Tees are the obvious go-to choice for stripes but they work just as well on bottoms.

See my 48 Hours in Baltimore post for details on the right look.

Swap in a long sleeve version for cooler days.

Wear striped bottoms like you would a striped top – with a white or navy pairing – for a nautical and minimal vibe.

4. Florals

I know – groundbreaking. But this season, try them in an unexpected place – like real flowers inside your phone case.

Phone cases: Moorea Seal. Use code CAPCAP for 10% off your purchase!


5. Reflective sunglasses

Flash lenses are nothing new in the fashion world, but instead of a saturated color, I love a pure metal (my favorite is silver). It matches everything (even your jewelry!) and it has a more luxe feel. The ones below are only $29-$35!

Sunglasses: No Weekends.


Final Five – Five of my favorite springtime songs:

1. “Pretty Thing” – Broods
2. “It’s Alright Now” – Bombay Bicycle Club
3. “Tous les Garçons Et Les Filles” – Françoise Hardy
4. “Next Year (RAC Remix)” – Two Door Cinema Club
5. “Chihiro” – Yoste
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5 thoughts on “The Only 5 Pieces You Need for a Flawless Spring to Summer Transition

  1. I’m so into white jeans as well–just picked up a new pair from Levi’s. Also love how that denim jacket does not look like a traditional denim jacket. Wish i could see what it looks like on! And those floral phone cases are super cute.

    xx freshfizzle


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