winter wellness and beauty

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I mentioned in my last blog post how Nashville winters seem to ping-pong from a frigid day to a very warm day. This being my first winter here I was pleased coming from New York. I can handle one cold day – it’s a whole season of cold days that wear me down.

Despite my pleasure at the milder weather, it still seems that no place is immune to the blah feelings that come with January. The holidays are over, the skies are grey, and summer is still a distant dream.

Take this time not as a purgatory, but as a reset period for your mind and body.

I think the lack of sun is most certainly conducive to seasonal depression. However, one can fight this off with proper fitness and nutrition. Try to do one or more from this list every day to fight off a gloomy slump:

  1. Wake up BEFORE work or class to exercise. The endorphins will keep you motivated and your brain active all day.
  2. Learn to make a new healthy recipe – like this warm healing turmeric tomato soup.
  3. Switch up your exercise – use a first-time member deal or search Groupon for discounts at a new gym or class. Even searching routines on Pinterest can help you try something new.
  4. Work out with a friend, and reward yourselves after by going out for a hot coffee.
  5. Pamper yourself by trying something new in your beauty routine. This doesn’t have to be expensive – just go to your local department store or Sephora and stock up on free samples.


Some new makeup products I tried (and loved) this season. Nars Lipstick in Tolède. Benefit They’re Real Mascara. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. All available at Sephora (when you place your order at, you also get to choose 3 free samples).

Pictured below are some of my personal favorite non-essential products that go the extra mile in my beauty routine.


  1. Lavender body butter from Poppy & Monroe, my favorite local Nashville salon. Perfect for winter skin with a heavy calming lavender scent.
  2. Coconut hydrating face mask sheet from Tonymoly. Great for combating dry winter skin. I like to apply them at night before bed.
  3. Glycolic acid toner from Mario Badescu. I’ve found that products with glycol acid really help keep my skin clear.
  4. Lavender sea mist from Herbivore Botanicals. Gives me textured beach waves any time of year – and the lavender scent is intoxicating. (Use my code CAPCAP for 10% off when purchasing from Moorea Seal.)

January sees the biggest spike in gym attendance from New Year’s resolutions, but then drops off again as winter turns to spring. Sticking with your routine is wonderful for your mind now and will pay off greatly for your body come summertime (or earlier). Remember, you’re doing this for future you.

This past Saturday, I went a little lighter via hair painting at Parlour & Juke.

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