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Nashville’s Broadway Street, home to its famous honky tonks.

New York, Paris, London, Milan…Nashville?

I know, it’s not typically the first place that comes to mind when you think of a fashion hub. Moving here from New York, I had little idea what other culture Nashville offered beyond a booming music industry.

Nashville is a great place to be a fashion blogger. Local bloggers need not wont for blog content – with its backdrop of the glittering downtown skyscrapers, the bustle of Broadway Honky Tonks and live country music venues at night, or the gargantuan murals hiding around every building. The Mall at Green Hills supplies all of ones high-end chain retail fashion needs, but the city is littered with amazing boutiques and vintage stores to add that je ne sais quoi uniqueness to a look (and support local business). The weather is also mild, giving one more styling leeway.


A mural in downtown Nashville.

Nashville is equal parts country glamour and grit, with a new modern twist – a juxtaposition akin to the way the most successful fashion bloggers style their outfits.

Below I’m featuring some of my favorite Nashville based fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Check them out to get a little insight on the style of the city.

Mary Seng @happilygrey

I’ve been following Mary long before I had ever been to Nashville since her fashion blog has a global presence. She’s often jetsetting around the world, as the most successful fashion bloggers do, for fun or to attend fashion weeks. These larger-than-life shots are interspersed with tidbits of her life in Nashville. Her edgy outfits are photographed with gloomy, moody tones, giving the photos an overcast feel (even on the sunniest of days). Now that I live here, it’s exciting to be able to recognize her surroundings in her posts!


The Nashville Guide @thenashvilleguide

Before I moved to Nashville, I followed a bunch of different Instagram accounts that featured local restaurants. The Nashville Guide is by far my favorite. Not only are they on the pulse of the restaurant scene, posting from every new place as soon as it opens, but their minimal, bright, colorful shots make every place seem so inviting. I’ve discovered a lot of lovely local eateries thanks to this account.


1767 Designs @1767designs

I am consistently blown away by the beautiful artwork made of reclaimed wood at 1767 Designs. I have yet to purchase one of their pieces for my apartment, but plan on doing so once they have their next popup or booth at a Nashville market. My favorite photos on their account showcase their custom work for clients and venues, the size and intricacies of which are breathtaking.


Brooke Webb @kbstyled

Brooke lives in Franklin (about 30 minutes outside of Nashville), but most of her fashion posts are done in the city of Nashville (particularly against the backdrop of the hip Gulch neighborhood). I followed Brooke since she often features local businesses and designers, which gave me great insight on where to shop when I arrived here. Her style and blog are classic and quintessentially southern.

As if these 4 accounts aren’t enough, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too @serialoutfitrepeater for more Nashville based fashion and lifestyle posts.


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