dolce vita tessey booties


This week’s outfit post features a sumptuous suede set of booties from Dolce Vita known as the “Tessey.”

I have a lot of black booties, so I had been wishing for a simple pair of brown when I saw these on Shopbop. (In Nashville, you can never have enough boots.) I requested these from my mom for Christmas. Much to my dismay, she told me she couldn’t get them as they were sold out. After some back-and-forth where I researched some other sites where they were available, I finally found them in my size at Zappos. (Crisis averted.)

(They’ve since been restocked at Dolce Vita and you can purchase them here.)

I’m so happy I was able to receive them. On Christmas morning when I pulled them out of their box I knew I made the right decision. The color is rich and the suede is buttery soft. They have an extremely flattering and comfortable fit. Their construct is simple and streamlined akin to the most high-end haute booties – but for a fraction of the price. I understood why they were selling out so quickly across retailers.


These booties come in a rainbow of colors to suit every style. I have them in Dark Saddle. They pair very well with my favorite pieces this season. Above, for a colder weather look, I wore them with jeans and a sweater. What I (and many other women) love about booties is that they can be styled through the summer – so I’m looking forward to wearing these with shorts and dresses too.


Do you have a great fashion find or purchase you made recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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