spring weekend in new york


Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my parents’ house in New York. While spring may be in full force here in Nashville, the North Shore of Long Island is still clinging to the last chilly dregs of winter. The serene backdrop of the cold, grey water set the tone for a calm weekend.

I love visiting popular vacation spots in their offseasons – this weekend’s spot being the Hamptons. There are less people and less traffic, making the destinations feel more secret than they actually are. Though, I’ll most definitely be back in the summer, to properly enjoy the beach with a glass of rosé.


My favorite store, Roberta Roller Rabbit, always delights with it’s wall of exotic textiles in fabulous colors.


What I wore: Loose, layered basics in light colors to match my mood of serenity.


Sweater: Vince. Jeans: Levi’s. Bag: Vintage Gucci. Necklace: Kendra Scott.

Despite having a cup of coffee every morning at work, one of the hallmarks of a truly relaxing day for me is a fancy latte or cappuccino that I can sip slowly and languidly in a restaurant. I was able to do this twice this weekend – once at Bistro Cassis, my favorite restaurant back home, and once at 75 Main in Southampton. These occasions, plus the excellent yoga class I attended, are confirmations that my weekend was indeed rejuvenating.

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