bikini shopping on the cheap

I got 4 new bikinis for the summer for $60. How? From online retailer Cupshe.

Cupshe carries a diverse collection of bikinis and one-pieces spanning a variety of trends. Each set is priced at around $20 or less, and they’re always hosting a sale. 2 of my 5 bikinis have the palm leaf print that might be a bit of a tired trend at this point, but I still love. (One also features the shade of the decade, ‘millennial pink.’) They also feature trends like high-waisted bottoms, scalloped silhouettes, off-the-shoulder, tie-dye patterns, sultry one-pieces, and much more. The site also sells beach accessories – I got one of those trendy round patterned towels (see my photo above with the yellow bikini) – and some apparel, intimates, and other accessories. Swimwear is really their forte though.


The one thing to note when shopping at Cupshe is that they do not sell tops and bottoms separately. So, if you usually wear a different sized top and bottom, you might have to buy two full suits. This is not such a daunting prospect because the prices are so low, and can easily be rectified if you find a friend who is of opposite sizing from you.

Additionally, orders ship from overseas, so order way in advance of when you’d like to receive the merchandise. If you need a new suit for this upcoming weekend, I don’t recommend ordering now.

What are some of your favorite online retailers? Let me know in the comments.

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