mdw in ny


The majority of my Memorial Day weekend in New York was spent avoiding the rain and gloomy, chilled air. It appears that my packing list was a little too optimistic. Luckily, I have a few favorite spots to duck out of the bad weather into.

Long Island Superbowls – Huntington, NY

What appears to be a new chain spreading across Long Island has made its way to my hometown. My sister and I each got one to eat at our local beach – see photo above. I had to wonder how good they could really be compared to all of the other establishments that serve açai bowls, and the answer is: very, very good.

Southdown Coffee – Huntington, NY

A local café that prides itself in its well-sourced ingredients, both for their coffee and menu. I usually get the cortado, above.

Café Cluny – Manhattan, NY

A staple every time I’m in the West Village. I had the stripe-clad waiters serve me coffee after coffee to combat the gloominess of the lingering dregs of spring drizzle.

The High Line – Manhattan, New York


The last time I walked The High Line was before the area around Hudson Yards was developed. I love exploring further and further as the path gets longer and lusher over the years. Plus it drops off right in my favorite neighborhood(s), Meatpacking/Chelsea, with my favorite stores and restaurants.

My parents’ peony garden & rosé bar

These are personal locations but I’m sure they can be somewhat replicated. 🙂 No place like home, indeed!

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