solar eclipse tips & a floral jumpsuit


This is a GREAT time to be in Nashville. And I’m not talking about the usual reasons millenials have been flocking here in recent years. As if we need another reason, Nashville is the largest city host to the path of Monday’s solar eclipse.

For those who do not live in the Nashville area, the entire city will be at a complete standstill for 2 minutes on Monday. Every day, I hear about numerous eclipse viewing parties, I drive by Department of Transportation signs on the highway warning people not to stop in the road, see billboards advertising the event, etc. And for good reason: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not one to be missed.

To help you prepare, I’ve summed up some tips for viewing the solar eclipse comfortably and safely:

  1. Get your eclipse viewing glasses if you haven’t already. You can view a total solar eclipse without them, but you can’t stare directly at all the other cool stages of the process. Keep your eyes protected.
  2. Stay out of the road for some time before and after the solar eclipse (about 1:28pm CT). Even if you are a safe driver and have heeded the warnings not to stop, other drivers may stop in the middle of the road to watch. The uncertainty leaves too much up to chance, and it’s better to avoid the roads altogether methinks.
  3. If you are driving to an eclipse viewing party, make sure to leave with plenty of extra time. Since Nashville is directly in the path of the eclipse, tourism – and therefore, traffic – on Monday will be even higher than usual.

Not only am I nerding out about the solar eclipse, but I’m also nerding out about this SheIn jumpsuit, above. Flattering, comfortable, and affordable – the trifecta that defines a good find for a Serial Outfit Repeater.

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