leather weather


I’m leaving Nashville this weekend for a bit to spend Thanksgiving in New York with my family, so before I parted I just wanted to post a short blurb and shopping guide.

Since I won’t be in Nashville for a bit, I decided to feature one of the quintessential pieces seen on citizens of this country-rock town: a leather jacket. The leather jacket of late is equal parts grit, cool, glamour, and chic, just like Nashville.

What I like about leather jackets is that even when they’re all jazzed up with studs, embroidery, zippers, etc (see below), they still maintain a carefree-cool demeanor. And, there are plenty of options now that are cruelty-free without calling on the tacky sheen of the 1980s (the key here is branding: ‘vegan leather’ vs. ‘pleather’).

Here are some of my favorite picks below:

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