The culmination of another year brings forth an imminent feeling of relief and rejuvenation. A chance to start over. A blank slate.

I know that there’s never a wrong time to start something new. You’re never too early or late, young or old, to pursue something in the interest of bettering yourself. But I love to plan, and having a set date to sort of “reset” really excites me.

I don’t really have a set resolution, more just a few things set in place to further my success (personally and professionally). I have new spreadsheets primed and ready to better track my finances and savings. I have a new paper planner to visualize my schedules. Now that I’ve been at my current job for more than six months, I’ve formalized a game plan to attack the new month and quarter.

Something that I’ve been wanting to be more mindful lately of my breath. I practice a lot of yoga, so I am aware of the emphasis on linking breath to body for more mindful and focused living, but it’s harder to practice outside of the studio. Even in practice, focus on breath tends to fall by the wayside. There is the obvious benefit of breath giving me life, but there is so much more potential I can unlock with it. I aim to bring more awareness to my current state of being, wherever I am.

My intention (and not resolution) therefore, of 2018, is simple: Breathe.

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