staying well in 2018


For many people the New Year symbolizes a chance to reinvent themselves (see my last post on the topic). This sentiment manifests itself most prevalent via changes to ones diet and exercise routines.

Now, making drastic changes quickly may seem like a sign of strength and commitment, which both may be true feelings one possesses, but sometimes can wear one down too quickly and force one to revert back to their old ways. I think the best way to implement positive, permanent change therefore, is to make small changes gradually.

I think it is also important to be realistic about making changes akin to your ingrained preferences. If you don’t like kale, force-feeding yourself to eat it in salads won’t last long. However, if you like smoothies, you can get that kale you wanted in your diet without any unpleasant taste.

By making small changes that align with things that you already like, it won’t really feel like you’re changing at all. Just becoming a better version of the person you already are.

Below are suggestions for some small changes you can make to your diet and exercise routine. Try one from each category per week. See what you like; what sticks and what doesn’t. Eventually your good habits will far outweigh your bad ones, and the positive changes you had hoped to make will be permanent rather than fleeting.

For Moving:

  • Go rock climbing to test the limits of your upper body strength and fear.
  • Try barre for a full-body sculpt in minimal time (great for busy folks as classes are usually no longer than 50 minutes).
  • Walk for 20 minutes after you eat lunch.
  • Take a restorative yoga class to get deep into stretches and greatly improve flexibility.
  • Tag along a friend’s workout (you can try something new with a familiar face by your side that can also act as a coach).
  • Learn how to use a weight room machine you’ve never tried before. Use it.
  • Check out a free workout in your area to meet new people and spend $0 doing it.

For Eating:

  • Meal prep a salad every day or every other day for lunch.
  • Create your own salad dressing. Use ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, turmeric, herbs, pomegranate juice, cumin, etc.
  • If you have an insane sweet tooth like me, try Halo Top’s low cal, high-protein ice cream if you haven’t already. It’s a life changer.
  • Sub flavored seltzer for any soda or sugary drinks.
  • Learn to make a few paleo or Whole30 recipes.
  • Order the healthiest option(s) from your favorite restaurant. Just to see what it’s like.
  • Substitute carrot, squash, or zucchini noodles for pasta.
  • Learn to make a vegetable soup (way better than canned).
  • Replace the objects of an afternoon oral fixation. Instead of chips and cookies, try kale chips, seaweed snacks, nuts, or a green smoothie bowl.

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