darkest grey rails dress in five points


Truly, my favorite color is a dark, stormy grey. I feel most truly myself when I am surrounded by that oh-so specific shade (& yes, I am aware of the far more famous Nashville blogger whom emulates that spirit).

Let me preface my latest concern to share by recognizing that there are far worse things to legitimately worry about in this world. However, this is simply a fashion blog, so the content is meant to be kept light:

I was faced with making my first choice of one article of clothing from Rails recently, and it was not an easy one.

Rails is traditionally known for their Los Angeles made, cool-girl button downs: flannel, chambray, cotton, etc. However, I saw the studded shirtdress above, and I knew I had to have it. I wasn’t intending to get a dress from this brand, however nice they may be, as I traditionally like to adhere to a brands flagship product.

As a Serial Outfit Repeater, I know that the product a line is *known* for typically stands up to an expectation I can count on. Examples of this are:

  • Saint James – Marinière shirts
  • Madewell – Jeans & leather goods
  • Privacy Please – Sturdy silk effeminate dresses & separates

Sure, Rails produces other items of clothing that appear to hold up, like boyfriend jeans that perfectly balance slouch & fitted, or durable cashmere sweaters. But, to be honest, I have been jaded by ignoring this mentality before.

STORY TIME: Rag & Bone happens to be one of my favorite brands, ever, both for high quality, perfect fit, & aesthetic. I have a simple canvas backpack I got from them a couple years ago that is very useful for traveling. HOWEVER, and I realllllly hate to admit this, but that backpack is not of great quality that its price would make one believe. The canvas is not coated, so it stains easily (even though it’s pure black), and the zipper track snags consistently. Had I not had a gift card that enabled me to purchase it, I probably would have opted for a brand better known primarily for producing high quality backpacks.

Anyway, my point is that, I was going against a skepticism that I normally have about branching outside of a brand’s specialty product. But with this, specifically, I’m glad I did. The material is super soft & the drape & length make it work as well as bar appropriate. Plus, it’s kind of a, quite literal, extension of their quintessential button down design.

Speaking of products that are outside of a designer’s typical wheelhouse, I was also impressed with these Rebecca Minkoff booties. I mentioned in a previous post that I was ridding my closet of worn out black booties for the year, and though these are embellished/studded, they do really well functioning as a basic replacement pair for the everyday.

I sincerely apologize for putting Rag & Bone on blast because they are still one of my favorite brands, ever.

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