summer knits


I love the style and comfort of a summer weight knit sweater. They evoke senses of a Northern East Coast high summer: bundled up on a boating excursion, cozy by a bonfire, thrown on for a nighttime ice cream run, or brought along “just in case” on those overcast days that threaten a thunderstorm. They remind me of summer vacations in Maine, Nantucket, or The Hamptons. That is just my personal experience, but the variety of knits, sleeve lengths, and appropriate colors available make summer knits accessible by all types of styles.

Here are some of my top picks below – click on the images to shop.


Pure white + chunky knit + oversized = perfection



This dreamy lilac option…


The side ties on this tank make it perfect for hot days.


This cropped tank is only $35!


A classic striped cardigan for only $70.


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