forget me knot


Tee | Sweatshirt (currently sold out but similar here)| Shorts | Sunglasses | Sneakers

If it’s oversized, white, and has blue accents, I probably own it. In fact, the entirety of my closet is only made up of four colors – blue, white, grey, and black. I may have a couple of outliers – an army jacket here, a red sandal there – but I’d say about 95% of my wardrobe follows that quad-chrome scheme. If you follow me on Instagram, this is fairly obvious.

I actually don’t find that having a strict color scheme in my closet, well, restrictive. All of these hues are easily mixed and matched together, so it actually opens up much more possibility in my outfit & styling options. I feel as though I can get much more wear out of the pieces I have (ahem, Serial Outfit Repeater here. Also, I will note that the skew towards these four colors in my closet was not done consciously but not purposefully; rather, it was merely developed over several years of shopping and having a rigid preference for these hues.

I know that there are other colors that may look good (or even better) with my coloring than what I’ve chosen, but in this case, I’m happy staying within my comfort zone here.

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