everything you never knew you needed to know about lash extensions

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Last weekend I got lash extensions at Red Rose Lash Bar in Brentwood. Emily Potter Higgins, the owner & a premier lash artist in the area, patiently applied the gorgeous cat-eye fans that now sit atop my eyelids (photographed above). During the 2 hour appointment, she also patiently answered my millions of questions about the process & her experience.

Even though I’ve gotten my lashes done before, there is so much I didn’t know – and so much that I learned about what other lash bars I’ve been to have been doing wrong. Yikes.

Here are some amazing tips Emily shared about getting the best value and longevity out of your lash purchase at every stage of the process:


Come to your appointment with clean lashes + a clean face. If you are coming to get a correction done from another lash bar, DON’T try to remove them yourself beforehand. This will be painful and remove your natural lashes! Leave it to the expert lash artists to take care of it during your appointment.

Consult your lash artist on exactly what you would like, including weight, shape, and volume. Don’t be discouraged if your lash artist encourages a different choice than what you wanted – everyone’s eyes are different and handle weights differently, and she might be saving you from a regretful decision with her expertise.


Lots of sharp objects near my eyes but I am totally relaxed – it helps to trust your lash artist.


RELAX. The appointment can take 2+ hours, and once your eyes are taped shut, you’re not going anywhere. Use the bathroom beforehand. Get comfortable (don’t be afraid to ask if you need a bolster or blanket). If you fear restlessness, bring headphones and a podcast or playlist queued up.


The word on the street used to be not to get your lashes wet for a full 24 hours after application, but adhesives have improved and now 6 hours is a general rule of thumb. Its ok if you get your lashes wet afterwards occasionally. Just avoid rubbing/touching your eyes. When showering, avoid getting shampoo on your lashes as the product can break down the adhesive.

You should clean your lash extensions once per day. There is actually a product specifically made for this (lash shampoo, aka ‘lash poo’) which you can apply gently with a microfiber cloth. (Not cleaning lashes can lead to mites!) You can brush lashes to maintain their shape with unused mascara or eyebrow wands.

Expect to lose about 2 lashes per day. They fall out as your natural lashes cycle through. You will see the false lash adhered to a real lash. Your lash set will last about 3-4 weeks (the average length of a natural lash cycle) with ideal care and no refills.

When your lash extensions start to look a little thinned, you can make follow up appointments to get refills. This is less expensive and takes less time than a full lash set, and you can get them done regularly to save time + money.


Despite this being a recent (at least to me) phenomenon amongst women, semi-permanent lash extension applications have been around in the celebrity circles for awhile, so vast improvements have been made to the product and the modern process is seamless and yields beautiful, long-lasting results.

However, when it comes to something like this where people are handling sharp tools millimeters away from my eyeballs, I’ll still make sure to only go to lash bars & lash artists that uphold the highest standards of quality. The additional cost is definitely worth it.

Check out Red Rose Lash Bar on Instagram and use my discount code SOR for 30% off a full lash set! 

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