i like you a latte: where to get the best coffee in nashville, by neighborhood


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With fall swiftly descending upon us faster than you can say “Pumpkin Spice Latte,” I am really looking forward to consuming warm, festive, seasonal beverages again. My Instagram is sure to be rife with cute latte art pictures and scenes from inside local Nashville cafés.

I love coffee and all of its subsidiaries, but I am not an avid coffee drinker. I do not need to drink coffee every morning to wake up at work, which makes me appreciate the times I do get to have it even more. I also love the ritual of having coffee. It’s something to savor, something to meet over, something to celebrate. It’s both calming and exciting simultaneously. The idea of a cup of coffee reminds me of a languid, perhaps gloomy Saturday morning reading the newspaper and with nowhere to be.

For all of my Nashville friends, I am rounding up all of the best & my favorite places in town to get a great specialty coffee or standard pour over. I’ve broken the list down by neighborhood, because I can’t be asked to list these in order of liking.


  • Steadfast Coffee
  • Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes
  • Barista Parlor x Germantown

East Nashville

  • Café Roze (try the black sesame seed latte)
  • The Post East
  • dose.
  • Barista Parlor (featured in the photos above)
  • The Sweet Bean

Downtown & The Gulch

  • CREMA (they have a standalone store and a bar in Pinewood Social)
  • Frothy Monkey (perhaps the most popular on this list since Taylor Swift was seen at the 12 South location)
  • Bongo Java
  • Barista Parlor Golden Sound

West End/Hillsboro

  • Three Brothers Coffee (a very Instagrammable spot too!)
  • Relevator Coffee Company
  • Sump Coffee
  • Fido
  • dose.
  • The Café at Thistle Farms

What is your favorite place to get coffee in Nashville (or your hometown)? What is your favorite type of specialty or seasonal drink to have in the fall? Let me know in the comments below.

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