roze before bros


Tee | Jeans | Jacket | Boots | Sunglasses | Bag

There’s something about jaunting around East Nashville that makes me think that I’m cooler than I actually am (hence today’s look). Being in the vicinity of one of the most understatedly fabulous restaurants (Café Roze) in Nashville also helps.

SugarHigh, whom I’ve written about before in a previous post, is based in Los Angeles but still manages to help me express a little gritty cheekiness with their selection of graphic tees. They’re bold, but not too abrasive, and people in Nashville/the South love putting words on their shirts, so it fits with the mood of my surroundings.

I’m also all about this fluffy jacket trend. Who doesn’t want to be turned into a giant teddy bear? The one I’m wearing above is actually from Abercrombie & Fitch last year (I linked a similar option above, also from Levi’s). Yes, I am bringing back my favorite brand from high school. Have you checked out their site lately? They have a lot of cool affordable staples – plus they carry black now! I used to work at Abercrombie my senior year of high school through college and while we carried ‘very very dark grey,’ there was never any black. Or purple. Glad to see that the brand is changing to suit the times and have updated/reinvented themselves a bit.


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