looking at the world through rose (gold) colored glasses

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Sweater| Necklace | Earrings | Bag

I (and everyone else I know in Tennessee) are so happy that we’ve finally reached fall! The weather is now below 70 degrees and the air is crisp and chilly at night. This is the perfect time of year to pull out the cozy sweaters – like this sumptuous knit cardigan from local Nashville boutique Hazel & Mae.

I’m heading up to Gatlinburg this weekend with a group of friends to enjoy this gorgeous fall weather. I’ve never been to the Great Smokey Mountains but from the research I’ve done on Pinterest, it looks beautiful enough to rival the Northeast autumns of my youth. I’ll be packing the cardigan photographed above for the cabin!


Fall is also a great time of year to get a little more dramatic with jewelry – I love the way a statement piece balances out a chunky knit. Judith Bright is a local Nashville jewelry designer that has a gift at creating simple yet striking pieces. Her Abby Lasso necklace can be worn long or doubled, and comes in 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Plus, as an added fall treat, you can use the code OCTOBER for an extra 25% off this timeless piece!

I was also excited for the opportunity to try coffee at the adorable Humphrey’s Street in Wedgewood-Houston. I swear, that neighborhood is getting cooler and cooler every time I venture that way. Definitely would add them to my must-try list.

What fall activities do you have planned? What are you most looking forward to purchasing for the season?

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