the new classics

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Shirt | Jeans | Bag |Shoes | Watch | Earrings

It’s taken me a few years to feel fully grown into my ‘young working professional’ phase, but having the right wardrobe certainly has helped me feel the part. I work at a startup, and our office dress code is ‘smart casual,’ which is relatively casual (as the name suggests) for an office environment, so it’s almost been harder to get the right vibe since it’s much more ambiguous than your standard office professional.

This button down from J.Crew is from the men’s section, giving a trendy oversized look & relaxed vibe while still professional. Jeans are a staple at startups, but I paired them with pumps to keep it polished. I always wear a minimalist watch to keep me punctual. And I also think it’s finally time to retire my backpack for the office, so having a reliable yet chic leather bag like this one from Hanner Clarke helps elevate the look a LOT.

Sisters Jane Hanner Allen and Rebecca Hanner White started their company from a bout of frustration. Jane, a successful lawyer, did not like the selection of ‘work-appropriate’ bags available to women that could be used for everyday & travel. Her options were mostly limited to briefcases & backpacks, which were not at all feminine (and decidedly boring). Reaching out to Rebecca, also a lawyer who took frequent trips to Italy and would bring back fine leather goods, did not help, as Jane was never fully satisfied with any of the options available. After years of unsuccessful searching, they finally decided that they were just going to make the perfect bag themselves.

Hanner Clarke has now expanded from the perfect handbag to a full line of simple yet sumptuous leather bags & accessories. All of their leather is sourced from Italy (and buttery soft, in case you can’t tell by the photos above). There are also plenty of color & style options (think snakeskin & calf hair) that keep things interesting while staying true to the classic design. Learn more about the brand here and see the full line of products here!

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