the blogger’s guide to east nashville, tn

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I only lived in East Nashville for one year, but it has always been host to some of my favorite places & events in the entire city. The neighborhood is a concentration of creatives & artisans, so its offerings (whether they be food, music, or culture) are really cool & unique. If you are planning on visiting Nashville, this area is a must.

Admittedly, it was really challenging for me to select just a few favorite places to try for this guide, but here is my absolute must list to dine, drink, shop, & play on the Eastside.


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Café Roze: If you’re active on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen Café Roze’s incredibly adorable millennial pink and marble interior. The experience doesn’t stop at the aesthetics – everything on their menu is so thoughtful and delicious. Most people like to visit at brunchtime to take in the scene in daylight and try one of their speciality lattes (like Roze, Turmeric, or Black Sesame), but I love coming for dinner. At night, The interior of the restaurant is dimly lit by the pink neon sign outside, making for incredibly romantic lighting. And, as should be expected, the Rosé selection is really something.

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Two Ten Jack: This is a modern Japanese restaurant, and while everything on the menu is delectable, the ramen is truly a special dish. You wouldn’t expect to find such great ramen in a place like Nashville, but the topography of middle Tennessee is actually very similar to Japan (Nashville sits on the same latitude as Tokyo), and the main ingredient that makes ramen so good – pork broth – is easy to source in Tennessee, a place that boasts prizewinning pig farms. When it all comes together, you get great, authentic ramen (nothing like the instant variety).

Five Points Pizza: As a New York native, I have a history of being a pretentious snob when it comes to pizza. That all changed when I tried Five Points for the first time. It is seriously my favorite pizza, EVER. I go there every other week. Plus they’re open till 3am to satisfy any late-night cravings.


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Urban Cowboy’s Public House: An outpost of the Brooklyn location by the same name, the Nashville iteration is just a little more Cowboy than Urban. Urban Cowboy primarily functions as a themed B&B, but the cozy back patio & reclaimed wood bar are open to the public (aptly named “Public House”). Urban Cowboy is a great hang even through the cooler months. The patio features a large central firepit and the bar has knit blankets available for patrons. It’s the perfect place to sip on the best old-fashioned of your life while cozying up by the fire.

The Crying Wolf: What I love about The Crying Wolf is its unabashed realness. The bar serves great, affordable drinks & food, sure, and have Nashville staples like live music, a pool table, and a patio, but what really makes Wolf stand out is the atmosphere. The bar is dimly lit and painted a sinful red, and decorated with lots of taxidermy wolves. Enjoy!

Walden: Being in Walden is like being transported to a secret garden with its with natural wood interiors, huge floral murals, and indoor swings. The menu offers delicate wines, cocktails, and elevated bar food to compliment the atmosphere.



Lemon Laine: This is probably the only local/boutique beauty shops in town (or one of the only). They have a beautiful selection of local & big-name products, an Instagram-worthy interior (if you’re into that), and an ‘oil bar’ – where, upon appointment, a consultant will help you mix & choose your own custom balancing facial oil. They also have a great little ‘gift wall,’ which makes birthday/holiday shopping easy.

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FLWR Shop: This florist is in the walkable Five Points area inside one of the historic Lockeland Springs homes. FLWR Shop has lots of pretty plants for sale, and they turn over often & quickly due to the immense popularity of their inventory (think fig trees, snake plants, philodendrons, and the occasional green giant). Don’t worry if you have a black thumb – you can get a beautiful & unique floral arrangement done by one of the in-house florists.

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Amelia Styles: Blogger Amelia Styles lets you shop her style at her boutique of the same name on Porter Rd. Chic, Parisian separates and oodles of accessories are available for purchase.

Sweat + Play

East Nasty Running Club: On Wednesday evenings, a large group of runners at every size, shape, & fitness level come together at the corner of 11th & Holly to run a predetermined route around the prettiest parts of the neighborhood (and sometimes beyond). After, they’ll meet for 2-for-1 drinks at a local Five Points Bar. I wrote about Nasty being one of the best free workouts in the city in The Nashville Guide.

Bark Park: While Nashville is a very furbaby-friendly city, East Nashville is especially so.  The new Bark Park is a membership based dog “club” where dogs AND their owners can simultaneously relax and play. There is lots of space for dogs to roam, and Park hosts activities and events for humans to enjoy too. You can even BYOB. (Shelby Park also has a huge, free dog park open to the public.)

Hot Yoga of East Nashville: This was one of the first places I went to when I moved to Nashville. I’ve always loved the welcoming, warm (no pun intended) nature of the yoga community, and this studio was no different. For a great sweat session, I highly recommend Hot Yoga of East Nashville. In an effort to be open to all in the community, all of their classes on Wednesdays are 100% free!


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