hello, holidays! feat. thom olson


Jacket | Sweater | Necklace |Jeans | Boots | Watch

And just like that, the culmination of Halloween has brought forth the Winds of Winter (little shoutout to my Game of Thrones fans there – new season finally announced for April 2019!) Out with the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and in with the holiday cups and all that. For some including myself, holiday celebrations are considered somewhat premature before Thanksgiving, however I do start planning my gift ideas now. I like to do a lot of shopping on Cyber Monday to take advantage of deals.

I love the new, modern watches from Thom Olson. I think they really are a ‘timeless’ gift (sorry) for the upcoming holiday season. You can switch out the charms on the band, changing the look of the watch as often as you change outfits. For a Serial Outfit Repeater, that might not be too often, but I think these make great gift ideas. (I matched mine to my little tattoo, above.) A watch is a really classic piece that is always appreciated, but having the ability to customize it is really fun!

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