last-minute holiday party dresses under $100



I’m the type of neurotic person that has all details of my life planned out months in advance, but even that can’t prevent me from last-minute mishaps. Holiday party dressing is the biggest culprit of this. The party is announced well in advance, and I have an old dress I’m ready to wear again (serial outfit repeater). Sounds foolproof, right? Well, it is, until it comes time for the party and I realize that I may have had too many Christmas cookies since the last time I wore it.

Thankfully, my neurosis often arms me with a Plan B (or C, or D), and I have a few fail-safe options available that I can turn to for a quick fix. I’ve done some serious browsing this holiday season, and I wanted to share all my favorite last-minute holiday party dressing options, all of which under $100.

Metallic Jumpsuit


The drape on this jumpsuit is SO stunning, and the metallic texture will make you move like grace & liquid through a crowd. Shop here.

Wrap Style Rib Velvet Minidress


The silhouette on this dress is flattering and effortless – the wrap is merely an effect, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting the tie all night. Shop here.

Glitter Stripe Romper



I love the ruffles on the bottom of this romper and the slight drape of the top – this seems like the perfect option for dancing all night. Shop here.

Golden Lace Minidress



Normally yellow seems like a color best reserved for sunny summer days, but I think it’s so lovely for holidays in a rice golden hue & a Victorian-esque silhouette. Shop here.

Animal Ruffle Slipdress


I’ve been seeing leopard print everywhere lately, and I am here for it. Love the bright red color of this silk slip. This would look great with a red lip and/or nails – and can be reworn for Valentine’s Day! Shop here.

Sequin Minidress 


Sequins are a staple by even the most conservative dressers on New Year’s Eve! I love that this dress comes in 2 colors – silver & navy, and has a modern shape to balance the short length. Shop here.

Whether it be for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or whatever you celebrate, I hope you enjoy! This will be my last blog post for 2018. I’m really looking forward to unveiling some big new changes here next year. In the meantime, you can always catch me on Instagram!

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