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Most of the activity in Tulum is all on beach road, which runs alongside the beach (obviously) & through the jungle. It’s a very busy street, but all of the establishments are built in the similar minimal, bohemian style, which tries its best to be low-impact on the surrounding environment and gives the feeling that everything grows out of the trees.

Staying on Beach Road in beachfront hotels like Be Tulum or Azulik will put you in the center of all the town action, and you need only bike or walk to your daily destinations. The Papaya Playa Project on Beach Road is an affordable glamping option. For a quieter experience, there are several boutique hotels a short drive away, like Blue Sky Tulum and O’Tulum that offer every modern amenity on a beachfront without the crowd.


Throw all of your conventional knowledge about Mexican food away in Tulum. Of course, you can always get classics like fish tacos and fajitas, but the restaurants here also offer a wide variety of gourmet and fusion options. The dining atmosphere, as mentioned above, is somehow simultaneously jungle authentic and contemporary.

Gitano and RosaNegra plied me with mezcal, gourmet tacos (is that a thing?), tropical house music, and that jungle-meets-modern aesthetic, and for that, they both have a special place in my heart forever. If you live in New York, you might recognize Gitano from a popup in SoHo they hosted a few months ago.

Ziggy’s Beach Club has wonderful barside, tableside, or beachside (your choice) service through the day and night, notably serving up freshly machete’d coconuts to drink. I’ve also heard Hartwood is amazing, but was unable to eat there as it was all booked up for the month – so I recommend making reservations there in advance!

Feel free to stop at any of the roadside or beachfront outlets advertising fresh smoothies or gelato. If you ever need to switch it up from Mexican for a bit, try the Thai cuisine (and juices) at Canopia.


While Tulum has wild roots, the current demographic of it’s vacationers are affluent Americans and Europeans, and thus the shopping caters to the type of people that also frequent places like The Hamptons and St Barts (but want something a little more bohemian). Places like Wild Side, Wildsea Boutique, and Mr. Blackbird will supply your knit Kiini swimsuits, woven Clare Vivier bags, and 24k gold boho jewelry.

Caravana, with its rows upon rows of minimal linen pieces (like dresses, tunics, jumpsuits, and wide-leg pants) arranged by color, and handmade leather fringe accoutrements felt truly immersive into the style of modern Tulum (and might also be appropriate for Burning Man).


Exploring the Mayan Ruins is a must. The sprawl of the city ruins along the tropical shoreline cliffs are truly breathtaking. It was amazing to learn and imagine that the structures were once decorated in a multitude of color, too!

The Yucatan peninsula is covered in cenotes, freshwater lagoons near the shorelines. Their warm, turquoise waters, exotic fish, and caverns make them beautiful areas to snorkel, dive, or just swim. Some are much larger and more intricate than others, so do some research on what’s nearby and you’ll be able to find a great cenote to explore.

The Mayan Clay Spa is everything you’ve ever dreamed Tulum would be. From the treehouse massage rooms, botanical outdoor showers, and Mayan clay used to soften your face, body, & hair, it truly is a bohemian paradise.

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