serial repeat: white vintage gucci bag


Today I am starting a new post series called Serial Repeat. In these posts, I will talk about a specific piece that you’ve probably seen pop up several times on my Instagram feed! I’m hoping with these posts, I can provide more information on my wardrobe workhorses and better describe the qualities that make a piece sustainable & long-lasting for me (which is always what I aim for)! I will try to post a Serial Repeat once every week or so.

My first Serial Repeat features my white, circular Gucci bag. I’m pretty sure it’s vintage – I got from my mom, who got it originally from a consignment shop. The bag has a white embossed interlocking GG pattern that is very subtle and a small gold interlocking GG on the front, as well as gold hardware.

I love the versatility of this piece. Most of my wardrobe is white, so it’s easy to accessorize a monochrome look with this piece, or add a contrast without adding color. Though the bag is vintage (probably), the shape is very modern. My mother not so affectionally, referred to it as a ‘CD Case’ before she handed it down to me. I wear this all year-round, but it tends to pair best with my summer & warm-weather outfits!

Shop this Item:

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Similar Option 4 – a woven, summery option

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