There’s Always Been a Rainbow Hangin’ Over Your Head

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The title of today’s blog post comes from the Kacey Musgraves song “Rainbow,” as I’ve been listening to Golden Hour nonstop on repeat lately (I seem to do a lot of things on repeat). It’s a great soundtrack for spring!

In my last post about spring shopping, I talked a lot about these rainbow sweaters. I was walking around 12South in Nashville yesterday and I feel like I’m seeing them everywhere – in shop windows and on stylish girls! I feel like they’re such a fun piece to brighten up your spring wardrobe while still staying warm on chillier mornings. I picture wearing them as a fun alternative to green on St. Patrick’s Day this weekend or during Pride.

I’ve seen these sweaters in a multitude of alternative colors, so if rainbow isn’t your thing, you can try a different color combination (like this one or this one). I’ve also seen a few options with a 70’s era palette, giving it a more vintage, laid back look.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more partial to low updos (buns & ponytails). They keep my hair out of my face without pulling too hard on my scalp. This year especially, my hair is so long that it’s too complicated to do anything else. I used to find them matronly, but the way they are being styled with cute scarves, statement earrings, and barrettes keep them youthful and interesting. My scarf is a vintage Hermès but here and here are more affordable, chic options.

What are your favorite trends for spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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