Why Instagram Influencers Should Care about SEO


Q: Where’s the best place to hide a body?

A: On the second page of Google!

This charming search engine joke is rooted in hard truth. Do you remember the last time you went to the second page of a search?

When thinking about how quickly it takes us to find search results online, it might seem like the instant availability of information has caused a reduction in attention span when it comes to online browsing. While that might be partly true, a more prevalent culprit is likely Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

With SEO, the content that is the most relevant to what people are searching for is easier to find, making for a greater user experience online. For Instagram influencers, this kind of sounds similar to the way the app has their algorithm framed – and is a super important tool in helping grow the presence of your brand, both on the ‘Gram and off. If you currently consider yourself an Instagram influencer, you should care about having a website that’s optimized for search. Here’s why:

It Makes You Look Legit

Your website and primary social site should be linked, and have very obvious calls-to-action to one another, so that its easier for users to connect from one platform to another. Having a cultivated presence on a website in addition to your Instagram will add to the legitimacy of your brand (and offer an additional creative outlet for your content!)

It Makes You Easier to Find

The beauty of the Internet is that it enables us to be in multiple places at once. When you have an additional place people can stumble across your content, you’re casting a wider net.

It Will Help You Generate (Even More) Engaged Followers

When you’re easier to find, you’re easier to follow. More specifically, when your amazing content is easier to find, people who would love your content will have an easier time finding it and following you.

It Will Help You Better Understand What Your Audience Wants

There are so many tools you can take advantage of to make inferences based on how people interact with your web content, which can help you determine what resonates the most with your audience. Knowing what kind of posts your followers love through engagement is great reinforcement for creating more of that type of content, creating a happy cycle of engagement and fulfillment. Followers love when you notice and respond to them, so when you care about your SEO, you care about them.

Putting it All Together

So, let’s say you have an Instagram account solely dedicated to your love for beagles. You’ve amassed quite a following of fellow beagle lovers on the ‘Gram, and you might think, “Why do I need to do anything else?” But, if you decide to build a search-engine optimized website, people searching for cute pictures of beagles on sites like Google and Bing will find you, love you, and follow you. Then, you’ll be able to track their data to see what kinds of beagles your fans love most, so you can give them more of what they want. You’ll have a wider, more engaged audience, and you’ll be giving people who love beagles a better opportunity to find more of what they want. It’s a win-win!

Need tips on how to build some SEO? Check out these resources:



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