How to Wear Bike Shorts for Every Occasion This Summer

TEE (vintage, similar here) | SHORTS | SNEAKERS | SUNGLASSES | BAG (sold out, similar here)

If you run into me this summer, there’s probably going to be a 99% chance I’m wearing this outfit: bike shorts + oversized tee + sneakers. It kind of reminds me of the tunic + leggings trend of 2008, which I was also all over as a teen. What’s different is that in the last 11 years, the term ‘athleisure’ has been introduced, and now it’s not only acceptable to wear leggings as pants, but fashion retailers now make fancy leggings (and bike shorts) for your fancy occasions in animal print and leather.

There’s just something I really appreciate about the forgiveness of stretch pants and a baggy top. It lines right up with my not-so-inner lazy girl aesthetic. I also love the versatility – you can dress this up for an outdoor summer concert or down for a power walk to the farmer’s market. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite options for either scenario and beyond.

But before I do that, a lot of you have been DM’ing me on Instagram about the black wicker/rattan bag with a (faux) bamboo handle I’ve been sporting. It does look a bit like a Gucci, but is actually Zara, and is unfortunately sold out. Fortunately, there are similar options online (wicker, so hot right now) like this one, this one, and this one.

Anyway, onto the outfit ideas:

The Athleisure Way

Bike Shorts + Oversized Tee + Sneakers + Bag

The Festival Style Way

Bike Shorts + Oversized Tee + Sneakers + Bag

The Brunch Way

Bike Shorts + Oversized Tee + Sneakers + Bag

The Night Out Way

Bike Shorts + Oversized Tee + Sneakers + Bag

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