I’m A Better Person When I’m Tan (and Other Things I Love About Summer)


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For my 27th birthday post this year, I wanted to write out 27 things I love about this upcoming season. My thought behind this was that writing this list would set a positive intention and help me express gratitude for the summer to come. So why do I love summer? Let me count the ways…

  1. Spending the day half submerged in a pool with a can of spiked seltzer in hand.
  2. East Coast beaches (Nantucket, Montauk, Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons Maine, etc).
  3. The Gold Coast of Long Island in full Gatsby aesthetic prime.
  4. White jeans.
  5. Longer nights means being able to run/walk outside after work.
  6. Barbecues on Fourth of July weekend (or anytime really).
  7. I’m a better person when I’m tan.
  8. Rosé.
  9. An excuse to get pedicures more often.
  10. Outdoor concerts.
  11. Vacationing in the South of France.
  12. Fresh lobster, crab, and shrimp (I have the opposite of a shellfish allergy).
  13. Giant, obnoxious pool floats.
  14. Festivals with food trucks.
  15. Kids are out of school and running wild.
  16. Ice cream an acceptable food group.
  17. Trips to the outdoor Farmer’s Market.
  18. Wearing shorts with your bikini is an acceptable daytime outfit.
  19. All of the flowers in bloom – peonies, roses, magnolias, crepe myrtles…
  20. Hot summer nights.
  21. Wearing sunglasses instead of makeup.
  22. Rattan bags.
  23. Wedding season.
  24. Summer clothes are SO much easier to pack.
  25. The smell of sunscreen & tanning oil.
  26. S’MORES.
  27. The birthdays of some of my favorite people – including my mom, my sister, and me!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the season? Let me know in the comments below!

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