This T-Shirt Saves the Planet



I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect white t-shirt for awhile now. I’ve been very particular with my criteria – I needed it oversized/boxy, soft, and NOT see-through. Wastewear, a company that makes all of their clothing from 100% recycled materials, reached out to me about doing a collaboration so I opted to try their white unisex crewneck tee. I am so happy to announce that my hunt for the perfect white tee is over – and I am doubly excited that my choice is sustainable.

I’ve been trying to be more mindful about being more environmentally conscious in my fashion choices as of late. The name of my blog is based on my ‘lazy girl’ aesthetic, but I also want it to represent a sense of sustainability in an admittedly wasteful industry. I’m really glad to be connected with a brand like Wastewear, and I also wanted to call out some other sustainable fashion & shopping practices I’ve implemented and recommend:

  • Shop vintage, like my Chanel earrings above.
  • Shop and sell on secondhand sites like Poshmark and Tradesy: you can often get brand new pieces (tags still on) for deeply discounted prices, and pass along your gently used styles to others
  • Swap clothes with friends to give new life to not-that-old clothes and accessories.
  • Donate mindfully: don’t just drop a bag off at your local Goodwill bin. A little research into some local organizations (thrift shops, ministries, shelters) will let you know which need your used clothes the most and will immediately put them to use.

What are some ways you like to integrate sustainability into your life (fashion and beyond)?


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