Freak Yeah

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TOP (similar option) | SHORTS | EARRINGS (vintage, similar linked) | BAG (sold out, similar here) NECKLACE | CHOKER

I’ve been really behind on keeping my blog posts consistent with my Instagram lately. It’s definitely not like me but I’ve had a lot going on with work and a trip to New York for the Fourth of July (which I will post about soon!) that I haven’t really had as much time to dedicate to this. It’s still a hobby for me so the ebb and flow of prioritization is natural, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to be more conscientious.

This outfit was shot in downtown Murfreesboro, TN near Jake’s house after a quick jaunt to the local Jimmy John’s (I love sandwiches, fun fact). He gifted me a truly amazing pair of vintage matelassé Chanel earrings from Vestiare Collective for my birthday last month – I’ll do a post soon on how to shop authentic vintage designer goods!

The shorts and top I was wearing are both from Madewell. The shorts are from last year but are so good they renewed them for this year and are still on their site. This breezy top is made of linen and has such a flattering silhouette while being so cool for hot Southern summer days – I get so many compliments on it! Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of other people felt the same way, so it is currently only available in one size left (14), but I found some similar options from Madewell, Lahntropy, and an exact lookalike from the Nordstrom Sale. (I also finally found a great dupe for my Zara bag that sold out in 5 seconds at Topshop!)

2 thoughts on “Freak Yeah

  1. They are so pretty! And I’m looking forward to your post because I have been wanting to get a vintage Chanel brooch and earrings myself but it’s always risky when it comes to authenticity.


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