Posts I’ve Written on Client Success for JumpCrew

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When I’m not on Instagram trying to be a blogger, I actually work full-time at a digital marketing agency as a Client Success Manager. Sometimes, they even let me write for them.

Today, I wanted to share links to the two blog posts that have been published on JumpCrew’s blog. As an amateur blogger, I am always grateful for the opportunity to be published on other websites, and I am really proud of how these turned out. Enjoy!

The 5 Pillars of Great Client Success

Client success managers are a key component in the way modern business units serve their patronage. They often work cross-functionally with all internal business units to develop, execute, and deliver strategies for clients.

Also,  client success is typically the only point of contact for a business’s clients–therefore integral to upholding the reputation of their company. CSMs have a great responsibility to ensure the prosperity of the clients they serve and to do so successfully. There are a few main tenets of good management that help bring and maintain effective client relationships.

Read more here.

Client Success vs. Customer Service: What is the Difference

How does Client Success differ from Customer Service? At first glance, the two seem immensely similar – both in visual naming structure and general definition.

Client Success and Customer Service are important for different reasons. The two roles actually have different functions within an organization and are essential for revenue retention (and sometimes attainment too).

Read more here.

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