End of Summer Neutrals



I’m in New York this week on a little end-of-summer vacation, and finally catching up on some much-needed photographing, editing, and posting for my blog & Instagram. I’m also going to be more adamant about posting all of my looks to my LiketoKnowIt account. As much as I’d love to have the time to devote to this full time, it’s just not possible right now!

The look photographed above is looking to be my favorite aesthetic of the summer. It’s almost a direct repeat of the outfit I wore on my birthday post, just with the print & color reversed. This look was also photographed in the exact same location (Saint Stephen, a restaurant in Germantown). I also styled the bodysuit with white shorts in Nantucket.

I’m really into adding the warmth of an animal print with my summer whites to bring out my tan. Now is the time for me (and you) to embrace your Hot Girl Summer – especially since we only have a few weeks of it left!

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